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Reduces operational overhead and infrastructure costs

About Apache CloudStack

Apache CloudStack is an open-source IaaS platform that is used to build public or private cloud environments. CloudStack allows you to easily deploy Kubernetes clusters into your own infrastructure without worrying about the underlying infrastructure and removing the coupling to specific virtualization platforms. It also allows easy deployment of Kubernetes as a Service (KaaS) offerings.

Host your Kubernetes clusters on it to simplify your work and ensure consistent and predictable behavior of your applications, no matter the underlying infrastructure.

CloudStack provides a Kubernetes Cluster API Provider and also the CloudStack Kubernetes Service - giving a choice of integration techniques.

CloudStack is in widespread production usage at many of the world’s largest organizations including many Fortune 500 companies. It includes the entire “stack” of features you need: compute orchestration, Network-as-a-Service, user and account management, a complete and open native API, resource accounting, and a first-class User Interface.

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Explore the Kubernetes Cluster API Provider for Apache CloudStack

The Kubernetes Cluster API (CAPI) provider for Apache CloudStack allows Ku- bernetes users to build and manage resources on Apache CloudStack. The pro- vider is available under the Apache 2 open-source license and is managed by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). The Cluster API brings declara- tive, Kubernetes-style APIs to cluster creation, configuration and management. The API itself is shared across multiple cloud providers allowing for true Apache CloudStack hybrid deployments of Kubernetes. It is built atop the lessons learned from previous cluster managers such as kops and kubicorn.

Launching a Kubernetes cluster on Apache CloudStack

If users want to launch a Kubernetes cluster on Apache Cloudstack, they can check out the Getting Started Guide to create your first Kubernetes cluster on Apache CloudStack using Cluster API.

CloudStack hybrid deployments of Kubernetes. It is built atop the lessons learned from pre- vious cluster managers such as kops and kubicorn.

Explore the CloudStack Kubernetes Service

The CloudStack Kubernetes Service (CKS) gives Cloud Service Providers a Container as a Service (CaaS) offering within their existing IaaS environments, with no disruption to user experience or business process.

The CloudStack Kubernetes Service is developed as a plug-in to Apache CloudStack. It gives users the ability to create Kubernetes clusters within an existing multi-tenant environment provided by CloudStack. The user experience is seamless: users can now manage container clusters and deploy & manage cloud-native applications all in the same user-interface they use to manage their existing compute, network and storage.

Use Cases

The ClusterAPI provides self-healing when a Kubernetes node fails, spawning new Instances of the pod on a new node, as native Kubernetes does not have the ability to provision new infrastructure when this occurs. Since ClusterAPI manages infrastructure and Kubernetes at the same time, it can throw more resources onto CloudStack when a failure occurs.

The MachineHealthCheck controller is used to monitor and certify the health of the control plane of the work nodes, guaranteeing the integrity of the services. When a node fails, or resources are insufficient, or the services are unavailable, a new node is provisioned and added to the cluster. In this case, Kubernetes will reschedule the podes from failed nodes.

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During the annual CloudStack Collaboration Conference 2023, Alex Dometrius, Associate Director - Technology at AT&T, presented their journey with Apache CloudStack.

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