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The Apache Software Foundation Announces Apache® CloudStack® v4.16

The Apache Software Foundation Announces Apache® CloudStack® v4.16

"In the past years, CloudStack has been proving a mature and easy-to-use platform. The released LTS adds new features, enhancements, and bug fixes that will help tech-savy companies stay up to date." said Gabriel Brascher, Vice President of Apache CloudStack.

"I'm pleased to see another innovative release of Apache CloudStack from the community. CloudStack continues to evolve both in terms of functionality, integrations and also ease of management and stability. It is great to see new integrations to major storage vendors and so many other features developed by community members from a broad range of organisations, reflecting CloudStack's increasing adoption across both service provider and enterprise organisations.”, said Giles Sirett, Chairman, CloudStack European User Group and Apache CloudStack PMC Member.

Apache CloudStack is a 4.16 LTS release with 22 major new features, and 244 enhancements and fixes since 4.15. Some of the highlights include:

Additional OS Support for Management Servers and hypervisor hosts:

  • Support for OpenSuse
  • Support for Rocky Linux

New vendor integrations to allow CloudStack to leverage advanced storage capabilities:

  • Dell EMC PowerFlex storage plugin integration
  • LINSTOR storage plugin integration

UI Improvements:

  • Structured comments on objects in the UI
  • Custom Resource Icons to allow visual representation of most object types
  • The ability to perform bulk actions through the UI

Enhancements to CloudStack Kubernetes Service:

  • Support for Kubernetes Autoscaling through the CloudStack Kubernetes provider
  • Kubernetes Clusters now based on System VM, giving simplified ongoing management

Improved tools & management:

  • Granular control of dynamic scaling of VM’s CPU/RAM
  • Import and export of VMware virtual machines through the UI
  • CloudStack-setup-databases script improvement to give more stable upgrades
  • L2 Networks Persistent modern
  • mac learning mode added to network offerings
  • HA improvements allow a host to be marked as Degraded
  • New API endpoint to update pod management network IP range
  • New API endpoint to update VLAN IP range


The full list of new features can be found in the project release notes at

The CloudStack documentation includes upgrade instructions from previous versions of Apache CloudStack, and can be found at:

The official installation, administration and API documentation for each of the releases are available on our documentation page:


The official source code for the release can be downloaded from our downloads page:

In addition to the official source code release, individual contributors have also made convenience binaries available on the Apache CloudStack download page, and can be found at:

Apache CloudStack powers numerous elastic Cloud computing services, including solutions that have ranked as Gartner Magic Quadrant leaders. Highlighted in the Forrester Q4 2017 Enterprise Open Source Cloud Adoption report, Apache CloudStack "sits beneath hundreds of service provider clouds", including Fortune 5 multinational corporations. A list of known Apache CloudStack users are available at