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Jamie Pell

CloudFest happened last week and the CloudStack community was pleased to attend the premier event for internet infrastructure globally. Apache CloudStack has proudly showcased at the conference, with several community members representing both the technology and community.

Jamie Pell

On February 23rd, the CloudStack India User Group 2024 took place in Hyderabad, seeing the gathering of CloudStack enthusiasts, experts, and industry leaders across India, as they engaged in sessions about the open-source project. The meetup provided a platform to explore Apache CloudStack in detail, with a particular focus on the new features released in Apache CloudStack 4.19. The user group also saw its participants exchange insights and establish new connections.

Below you can find the session recordings and slides from the user group.

Jamie Pell

The CloudStack Collaboration Conference 2023 took place on 23-24th November. The annual event is the largest get-together for the global Apache CloudStack community. The hybrid event is aimed at developers, operators and users to discuss and evolve the open-source software, its functionality and real-world operability. It introduces attendees to the CloudStack family, community leaders, project members and contributors.

The conference, arranged by a group of volunteers from the Apache CloudStack Community, took place in the voco hotel, in Porte de Clichy, Paris. It hosted over 350 attendees from 30+ countries, with 47 speakers holding sessions and workshops.

The Apache CloudStack community would like to express their gratitude to the sponsors of the conference, whose support made the event a reality – ShapeBlue, StorPool, LINBIT, DIMSI, Vates, mitteldeutsche IT, Leaseweb, proIO and Your.Online.

This blog provides a summary of the event, featuring the session slides and recordings.

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Jamie Pell

On Friday 18th August, the Apache CloudStack India User Group 2023 took place in Bangalore, seeing CloudStack enthusiasts, experts, and industry leaders from across the country, discuss the open-source project. The meetup served as a vibrant platform to delve into the depths of Apache CloudStack, share insights, and forge new connections.

This roundup blog shares session recordings and slides from the user group. Click the following link to see the photos taken from the user group:

Jamie Pell

CloudStack European User Group 2023 took place on the 4th May. The event, organised by Apache CloudStack community members was held in Cifas, London.

For those who were not able to attend in-person, the event was live-streamed on Apache CloudStack’s YouTube channel.

The Apache CloudStack community is grateful to the events sponsors for supporting the event and helping make it a reality – ShapeBlue, Your.Online and StorPool.

This blog shares the session recordings and descriptions for those who were not able to attend.

Ivet Petrova

For the first year, the Apache CloudStack Community has participated at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon- the Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s flagship conference, which gathers adopters and technologists from leading open source and cloud native communities. It has been a fantastic opportunity for us to represent our technology on the global stage, and meet engineers, DevOps and infrastructure experts. Community members have had the pleasure of running attendees through multiple CloudStack demos and answering their many questions about the open-source cloud management solution. We also had the opportunity to share the pitfalls, hacks, learnings, and key takeaways from our journey to develop CAPC – the CAPI Provider for Apache CloudStack.