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Meet the Community - K B Shiv Kumar

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Introduce yourself with a few words

I am K B Shiv Kumar and am the Co-Founder and CTO at IndiQus. I am based out of Delhi, India and am passionate about travelling and dig going on driving holidays with my friends and family. I love listening to music and ABBA has been my all-time favourite band since childhood.

Tell us your story in one Tweet?

As a commerce graduate, moving to an IT career accidentally was probably the best thing that happened to me. I subsequently completed my masters in software engineering and worked as a developer with different ISPs where my interest in infrastructure programming was kindled.

When did you start your CloudStack journey?

My first exposure to CloudStack was in 2013 and since then I have embarked on a very exciting journey where I have evolved from a CloudStack user to an evangelist. I love tinkering on CloudStack and the techno-commercial possibilities it offers to the regional Internet, Cloud and Data Center providers.

Who was your mentor during your CloudStack journey?

I have received a lot of help from the community. If I must take a single name, it would be Rohit Yadav. He has been my mentor and will probably remain so for a while as far as CloudStack is concerned. During my initial days, folks from Citrix helped me a lot too, Vimmy Hong for one.

Which was the latest feature on which you contributed or what was your last commitment to the CloudStack project?

My commitment to CloudStack has been indirect but impacting. It has been taking it to the industry - the enterprises, telecoms, ISPs and data centre providers and showcasing how CloudStack can be leveraged as a viable cloud business model and implementing the same across various geographies. My organisation’s product offering is completely architected by leveraging CloudStack and transforming it into a techno-commercial solution.

On the technical side, I have worked extensively on various aspects of monitoring CloudStack and shared the same amongst the community. I am currently looking to implement an outside-in way of monitoring VRs and providing auto-scale facilities without modifying the CloudStack code.

Why do people need to choose open-source technology?

It’s cost-effective, allows unmatched customising flexibility and it works! It’s that simple. Since it’s community-driven, it is always balanced. The collective intelligence of the community is always greater than the sum of each individual’s intelligence.

Many pairs of eyes mean tighter, more secure, more relevant and more efficient code. Your choice to pay for support is completely de-linked from the licence to use the product. What’s more, there are a plethora of licences to choose from to leverage the same in your own product/service offering.


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