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Day 2 at CloudFest

Ivet Petrova

Today marks the second day of CloudFest, the #1 internet infrastructure event in the world. As you may know, Apache CloudStack is an exhibitor at the conference, with a number of community members representing the technology and community.

Come and Meet Apache CloudStack

For attendees who are currently at the conference, we invite you to come and speak to us. Apache CloudStack’s booth is G19. Come and introduce yourself and discover the benefits of using an open-source technology for building a private cloud or delivering public cloud services. We are also keen to discuss Apache CloudStack with new potential users and technologies which would like to integrate with us.

What You Can Learn About CloudStack at CloudFest

At CloudStack’s booth you can meet part of the most active contributors to the open-source project. This gives you a chance to discover the newest features and capabilities of CloudStack. Our community members will be happy also to organize a personalized CloudStack demo for you and to discuss what technologies can help you improve your cloud’s profitability and decrease the complexity of managing large-scale IaaS.

In addition, at the CloudStack booth you can find people from leading cloud providers, who will share their experience with the technology and will give valuable advice on building cloud infrastructure with it.

Exploring CloudStack 4.18 Release

All people who met us today found out exclusive details on the upcoming 4.18 release. Our community members took the chance to showcase which are the new features within CloudStack and what advantages it gives to cloud providers.

Sessions Highlights

CloudFest Day 2 started with an agenda full of interesting talks from leading cloud providers and companies developing solutions for the industry. Part of the talks, which we found interesting are Distributed Cloud Computing: A New Approach by Akamai, The Resilient Hard Disk Drive (1984 to 2062) by Toshiba, Scalable Edge Data Centers: Current Challenges and How to Overcome Them by german Edge Cloud, a panel discussion on Building Sustainable Data Centers and Making Multicloud Happen.

If you will be visiting CloudFest, be sure you stop at the CloudStack booth!