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CloudStack India User Group 2024 Hyderabad Roundup

Jamie Pell

On February 23rd, the CloudStack India User Group 2024 took place in Hyderabad, seeing the gathering of CloudStack enthusiasts, experts, and industry leaders across India, as they engaged in sessions about the open-source project. The meetup provided a platform to explore Apache CloudStack in detail, with a particular focus on the new features released in Apache CloudStack 4.19. The user group also saw its participants exchange insights and establish new connections.

Below you can find the session recordings and slides from the user group.

Access each session's slides by clicking onto the presentation graphic.

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CloudStack 101: The Best Way to Build Your Private Cloud, Rohit Yadav

Apache CloudStack is an open-source software designed to deploy and manage large networks of virtual machines, as a highly available, highly scalable Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud computing platform. This talk introduces the technology, its architecture, its history and community.

What’s New in CloudStack 4.19, Abhishek Kumar

This session gives a brief introduction to the new and exciting feature in the latest CloudStack LTS release, ie, 4.19.0. The discussion includes the details on the timeline of the CloudStack 4.19.0 release, overview of some of the marquee, new feature of the release – Object storage framework, KVM ingestion, Hypervisor agnostic simple DRS, CAPC aware CKS, OAuth2, DRaaS with Multi zone disaster recovery, etc and a summary of improvements added since the previous major LTS release of the CloudStack, ie, 4.18.0.

How We Grew Up with CloudStack and its Journey, Dilip Singh

In this session, Senior IT Manager at DataHub Nepal, Dilip Singh, shares how DataHub grew up with CloudStack and details the journey the company had with the cloud orchestration platform.

VM Migration from VMware to CloudStack and KVM, Suresh Anaparti

The support for migrating VMware instances, and importing KVM instances to a CloudStack-managed KVM environment has been added to CloudStack 4.19.

In this talk, Suresh provides the details about the import/migration process in CloudStack along with a demo, and discusses the future improvements.

Elevating Cloud Infrastructure with Object Storage, DRS, VM Scheduling, and DRaaS, Jithin Raju & Vishesh Jindal

In this session, Vishesh Jindal and Jithin Raju give a demonstration on Apache CloudStack's 4.19 marquee features - Object Storage, DRS, VM schedule & DRaaS.

CloudStack Tooling Ecosystem, Kiran Chavala

In this session, Kiran gives a talk about the rich ecosystem of tools (cmk, CAPC, Terraform, Ansible, Packer, csbench, mbx), that support Cloudstack.

Find out how the various tools work and how easy it is to integrate with Apache CloudStack.

This session provides a great way to speed up CloudStack adoption and improve performance by saving valuable time.

CloudStack Authentication Methods, Harikrishna Patnala

CloudStack provides versatile authentication methods to ensure secure access and identity management. This talk explores key authentication mechanisms within CloudStack, including LDAP, SAML, OAuth2, API keys, etc. LDAP integration enables centralized user authentication, while SAML facilitates single sign-on (SSO) across various services. OAuth2 ensures secure authorization for third-party applications, and API keys offer programmatic access to resources. Additionally, CloudStack supports Two-Factor Authentication for an extra layer of security, enhancing user verification through multiple verification steps.