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CloudStack India User Group 2023 Roundup

Jamie Pell

On Friday 18th August, the Apache CloudStack India User Group 2023 took place in Bangalore, seeing CloudStack enthusiasts, experts, and industry leaders from across the country, discuss the open-source project. The meetup served as a vibrant platform to delve into the depths of Apache CloudStack, share insights, and forge new connections.

This roundup blog shares session recordings and slides from the user group. Click the following link to see the photos taken from the user group:


Welcome and State of Apache CloudStack Community, Rohit Yadav

(The session recording is not available)

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Session Description: VP of Apache CloudStack welcomes the CloudStack India User Group meetup attendees in Bangalore and walks through the current state of the Apache CloudStack community, composition of committers and PMC members, release activities, contributor trends on mailing lists and GitHub, and update on community initiatives and upcoming events.

Speaker Bio: Rohit is the current VP of the Apache CloudStack project, as well as a PMC member. At work, Rohit is the VP of engineering at ShapeBlue, where he provides leadership and mentorship to the ever-growing Engineering Team.

What's Coming in CloudStack 4.19, Abhishek Kumar

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Session Description: An early overview of the upcoming new and exciting features and improvements in the next major LTS release of CloudStack, 4.19. Abhishek Kumar, who will be acting as the release manager for the CloudStack 4.19, gives a quick recap of the major additions in the previous LTS release - 4.18.0, discusses the timeline for the 4.19.0 release and talks about the planned and expected new features in the upcoming release.

Speaker Bio: Abhishek is a committer of the Apache CloudStack project and has worked on the notable features such as VM ingestion, CloudStack Kubernetes Service, IPv6 support, etc. He works as a Software Engineer at ShapeBlue.

Deploying Kubernetes Clusters on Apache CloudStack, Kiran Chavala and Vishesh Jindal

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Session Description:

Currently Apache CloudStack supports two methods to deploy Kubernetes Clusters (CKS, CAPC). This session gives a demo on how to easily deploy CKS and CAPC on Apache CloudStack and will also give an overview of various use cases which will help you to choose the best deployment based on your requirement.

Speakers Bios:

For work, Kiran is a QA engineer at ShapeBlue. Kiran has experience in providing technical support on various issues related to CloudStack.

Vishesh is a software engineer at ShapeBlue. He has experience in developing and managing cloud infrastructure. He has a particular interest in databases and has worked extensively on them.

CloudStack Object Storage Framework and Demo, Kishan Kavala

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Session Description: In this session, Kishan introduces Object Storage and its use cases. He also demos CloudStack Object Framework using MinIO provider. The demo includes the creation of an Object Store, Bucket and using an S3 compatible client to access objects.

Speaker Bio: Kishan is a committer to the CloudStack project and works as a software architect at ShapeBlue.

CloudStack Managed User-data and Demo, Harikrishna Patnala

(The session recording is not available)

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Session Description: When launching a new Instance on Apache CloudStack, users can set a UserData script to be executed by cloud-init during the boot process. The ‘CloudStack Managed UserData’ feature extends this functionality allowing one to automate the installation of packages, update the instance’s OS, and configure applications during instance deployment. Managed UserData enables users to register and manage their own UserData script(s) as a CloudStack resource. It can be associated with a CloudStack Template/ISO, or when a new Instance is being deployed.

Speaker Bio: Harikrishna works at ShapeBlue as a software engineer and is also engaged in active development of new features and capabilities for the Apache CloudStack project. He has been working on CloudStack since 2012 and is a committer to the project.

Deploying CloudStack with Ceph, Ravichandran

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Session Description: In this session, Ravi Described some use cases about harmonizing Ceph storage with Apache CloudStack for a CloudStack infrastructure setup. This includes using primary and secondary storage for CloudStack, synchronizing and rendering VM snapshots accessible across remote zones, fortifying storage for disaster recovery, and upholding client VM data backup.

Speaker Bio: Ravichandran has 15+ years of technical expertise in Linux and Cloud solutions in Assistanz Networks Private Limited. Ravi is currently leading Business Development at Apache CloudStack consulting, Storage solutions and Stackbill CMP product.

Mitigating Common CloudStack Instance Deployment Failures, Jithin Raju

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Session Description: A discussion on the common failures when using CloudStack taking instance deployment as an example. The session includes 15 specific failure scenarios, their causes, and possible mitigation steps.

Speaker Bio: For work, Jithin is a cloud architect at ShapeBlue. Jithin has helped organisations around the globe use commercial distributions of Apache CloudStack in the past 10 years.