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CloudStack Collaboration Conference 2021- November 8-12, 2021

Ivet Petrova
CCC-Announcement.jpgThe Place to Meet the Most Vibrant Open-source Community

For a 9th year in a row, the global Apache CloudStack community is organising its major event - CloudStack Collaboration Conference, running from November 8 to November 12. Due to the pandemic, the event will happen entirely virtually. With this move, the Apache CloudStack community will enable even more members and people interested in the technology to learn more about it, its latest capabilities and integrations.

Тhe 2021 edition of the CloudStack Collaboration Conference comes as a 5-day event, starting on November 8th with a day of a hackathon. The next 4 days come with a mixture of exciting technical talks, presentations of new features and CloudStack capabilities and new integrations.

For the technical audience, the event will offer 5 different workshops, which will provide an in-depth overview of the CloudStack power for people new to the technology. A separate track focused on user and success stories is expected to be among the most interesting things at the event. CloudStack Collaboration Conference attendees will get the chance to listen for the CloudStack implementation in companies like NTT Data, CloudOps, EWERK,

One of the most promising talks at the event is the Keynote - Bringing digital services to 1.3 billion people with CloudStack. In this talk, event attendees will learn more about Digital India - the flagship program of the Government of India with a vision to transform India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy, powered by Apache CloudStack.

CloudStack Collaboration Conference is free to join event, open to anybody who wants to learn more about one of the most powerful Apache Software Foundation projects. The registration is open and is free: The full event agenda is also already live:

Apache CloudStack is considered among the most enhanced and mature open-source cloud management platforms. Begun as a project of a start-up in 2008, the technology rapidly evolved through the years and is now a turnkey solution for cloud builders, IaaS providers, telcos and enterprises.

The community behind it presents a vibrant group of engineers, DevOps, cloud architects and C-level communities from all around the globe, united with the joint target to grow the Apache CloudStack project and constantly develop it.

CloudStack Collaboration Conference is an entirely community-organised event by volunteers and passionate enthusiasts from the community. We would like to thank the CloudStack Collaboration Conference sponsors from ShapeBlue, LINBIT, StorPool, XCP-ng, CloudOps, EWERK, Versio and IndiQus for the partnership and help to deliver this event to the global community.