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Apache CloudStack Release

Jamie Pell

The Apache Software Foundation and the Apache CloudStack Project Announces Apache® CloudStack® v4.19.

Apache CloudStack 4.19 is the most recent release of the cloud management platform. It comes as a product of extensive contributions from the development community and is a LTS release, guaranteeing ongoing maintenance and support for a period of 18 months.

The 4.19 release contains 314 new features, improvements and bug fixes since 4.18, 26 of these being major features. Some of the highlighted features include:

  • VMware to KVM Migration
  • KVM Import
  • CloudStack Object Storage
  • CloudStack DRS
  • VNF Appliances Support
  • Scheduled Instance Lifecycle Operations
  • OAuth 2 Authentication
  • CloudStack Snapshot Copy

The full list of new features can be found in the project release notes at:

The CloudStack documentation includes upgrade instructions from previous versions of Apache CloudStack, and can be found at:

The official installation, administration and API documentation for each of the releases are available on our documentation page:


The official source code for the release can be downloaded from our downloads page:

In addition to the official source code release, individual contributors have also made convenience binaries available on the Apache CloudStack download page, and can be found at:

A Word from the Community

"4.19 is a fantastic release that is culmination of all our efforts from much of last year coming together with a ton of exciting new features and benefits for existing and new users such as VMware to KVM instance migration, a new pluggable object storage framework with support for, hypervisor-agnostic DRS, support for VNF appliances, DR as a service with multi-zone snapshot copy, OAuth2, KVM ingestion, VM action scheduler, a redesigned dashboard, and much more!"

- Rohit Yadav, CloudStack VP

“The 4.19 release marks a significant milestone for CloudStack, combining a diverse array of new features and crucial fixes. The primary focus has been on enhancing the ease of adopting CloudStack, evident in capabilities like VMware to KVM migration and KVM ingestion. The introduction of the Object Store framework introduces a new dimension to storage capabilities within CloudStack. Features such as hypervisor-agnostic DRS and Snapshot Copy DRaaS further bolster the orchestration capabilities of CloudStack.

The release process has been a year-long collaborative effort involving over 40 contributors from both organizations and individuals. Kudos to the community members who not only contributed fantastic features but also played a crucial role in testing and refining each other's work. This collaborative endeavour has culminated in a feature-rich and stable 4.19 release.”

- Abhishek Kumar, 4.19 Release Manager and PMC Member