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Meet Apache CloudStack at CloudFest 2024

Jamie Pell

Meet Apache CloudStack at CloudFest 2024

On March 18-21st, the #1 internet infrastructure event in the world – CloudFest – will be taking place in Rust, Germany! We are excited to share that Apache CloudStack will be exhibiting at this year's CloudFest. This will provide the opportunity to share Apache CloudStack’s capabilities to the wider cloud computing industry.

Get a Free Ticket!

Use the following code to attend the highly anticipated conference for free, saving you 499 EUR - c3SY3Zu2

Make sure to use the code:

The CloudStack Booth Number is R30!

If you do choose to attend the conference, make sure to swing by the CloudStack booth! Our booth members are looking forward to having interesting discussions with the wider cloud computing industry, on topics such as:

  • VMware to KVM Migration
  • VMware to CloudStack migration
  • KVM Import
  • VNF Appliances Support
  • CloudStack Object Storage
  • Schedule Instance Lifecycle Operations
  • CloudStack DRS
  • And more!

Apache CloudStack at CloudFest

Being part of CloudFest is another step for our community to connect with existing users in the cloud industry and highlight the improvements in our project. For example, by using the latest features released in CloudStack 4.19, users can migrate to CloudStack from VMware environments.

Additionally, we look forward to meeting individuals interested in contributing to open-source projects and involving them in Apache CloudStack.

We are looking forward to the opportunity to discuss Apache CloudStack with potential new users and explore collaborations with technologies seeking integration opportunities.

How Apache CloudStack Benefits Cloud Builders

For companies venturing into the public cloud market, the challenge lies in finding the right software and partners that facilitate swift deployment for their customers. This hurdle can consume a considerable amount of time and potentially lead to a diminished return on investment if incorrect choices are made in delivering both public and private cloud solutions.

CloudStack is a turnkey solution for cloud builders and managed service providers. Being entirely open-source, it is user-friendly, easy to implement, manage, and scale. CloudStack is also backed by a large open-source community and adheres to rapid release cycles. Apache CloudStack assists cloud builders in overcoming key challenges such as costs, avoiding vendor lock-in, and efficiently managing a multitude of physical servers spread across geographically distributed data centers.