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CloudStack Collaboration Conference 2024 – Prepare to pack for Madrid, Spain in November

Ivet Petrova

Get ready to mark your calendars and pack your bags because the CloudStack Collaboration Conference 2024 is coming to Madrid, Spain! From November 20th to 22nd, Orense 34 will be buzzing with excitement as we gather for three days of immersive collaboration, insightful discussions, and cutting-edge innovation.

Exclusive In-Person Experience in 2024

This year's conference is breaking new ground by going exclusively in-person. After careful consideration, collecting feedback from the community and planning, this year we will offer to the community the opportunity to meet face-to-face, fostering deeper connections and more meaningful interactions than ever before.

We did our best to deliver the CloudStack Community to everybody interested during the pandemic time for a few years. Now, we are focusing on growing the community and giving a chance to all contributors, committers and people interested into the project, to meet in-person and interact in a better way.

Hackathon Day - November 20th

Kickstarting the event on November 20th is a hackathon. Developers, engineers, and project committers will come together to unleash their creativity, tackle real-world challenges, and push the boundaries of what's possible within the CloudStack ecosystem.

Technical Sessions and Panels - November 21st and 22nd

The excitement continues over the following two days with a jam-packed schedule of technical sessions, thought-provoking talks, and engaging panel discussions. Dive deep into the latest advancements, exchange best practices, and explore emerging trends shaping the world of cloud infrastructure and beyond.

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Call for Sponsors

As we prepare to make history in Madrid, we're extending a special invitation to organizations interested in supporting and sponsoring the CloudStack Collaboration Conference 2024. Showcase your commitment to driving open-source technology forward, gain exposure to a diverse audience of industry professionals, and position your brand as a leader in the CloudStack community. Contact us today to explore sponsorship opportunities and secure your place at this groundbreaking event.

CloudStack Collaboration Conference 2024 is not just a conference—it's a celebration of open-source technology, collaboration, innovation, and the boundless potential of the CloudStack ecosystem. Join us in Madrid as we come together to share ideas, forge connections, and shape the future of cloud technology.

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