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CloudStack Helps proIO to Become a More Profitable and Successful Managed Service Provider

Ivet Petrova

Delivering cloud solutions need not be as complex and costly as some would have thought. With the right technology stack, companies can quickly and easily deploy a flexible and stable IaaS offering to support any business requirements, as proIO discovered.

proIO was founded in Frankfurt, Germany, nearly 20 years ago, as Swen Brüseke explains. “We wanted to create a company based on holistic IT concepts, providing support and advice from system design and creation through to smooth day-to-day running of operations.”, said Swen Brüseke, CEO of proIO.

The company started by remotely looking after its customer’s physical servers and data centres in both Frankfurt and Hamburg - 24/7. This has grown to the extent that they now support thousands of physical servers.

During the last few years, customer demand has led proIO to extend its support services with a fully managed cloud offering to become a Managed Service Provider specialising in open-source Linux applications.


А Move to CloudStack

The company migrated its cloud to CloudStack in 2019 for a number of reasons, as Swen explained. “We had used it for several years on various other projects, and so we had acquired a great amount of working knowledge. This experience demonstrated to us how easy it was to set up a proof of concept and deploy a CloudStack-based solution. It was also much easier to keep up to date once deployed compared to other solutions we had looked at.

Fully Redundant Infrastructure Based on Open-Source Technologies

Currently, more than 95% of proIO’s virtual machines are Linux based. “Our customers are not bothered whether their operating system is open source or not,” explained Swen. “They just want their apps to run to support their business. We now look after all types of customers from healthcare, hotel booking, through automotive and clothing to publishing.


“It’s great the way that everybody helps each other out in the community, contributing what they can to ensure CloudStack continues to develop and refine as a product. I would recommend CloudStack wholeheartedly to any organisation that is looking at developing a cloud-based infrastructure.”, says Swen Brüseke, CEO of proIO.