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Apache CloudStack Weekly News - 4 September 2013

Welcome back to another exciting issue of the Apache CloudStack Weekly News. This week, 4.2.0 enters it's fourth round of voting, we welcome several new committers and look at some of the major discussions on the Apache CloudStack mailing lists, and much more.

Major Discussions

4.2 is Now being Voted On

The fourth round of voting is now open on the 4.2 release. This release is full of new features, fixes and thousands of hours of work from everyone in the community. It's important to test and cast your vote on the release. Remember that all members of the community are eligible to cast a vote and note any issues that they have with the current release candidate.

4.2 Issues Closure

Sudha Ponnaganti has throughout the 4.2 put together a list of the current blocker and critical issues that need to be reviewed. If you have issues that have been resolved please review, test, and close out please.

High Quality Documentation

For some time now there has been discussion around a possible replacement to our current use DocBook for our primary document editor. Sebastien Goasguen started a discussion to look at Markdown by Daring Fireball. With there being concern about how to create and maintain high quality documentation, this is an important thread to participate in for anyone interested in the release documents.

After seeing lots of frustrated people with folks I decided to try something out with markdown.

I used pandoc to convert some docbook files to markdown and I used a structure for a book based on 'The little mongodb' book.
We can generate epub and pdf using latex.

See: link

There are two "books" aimed at being step by step recipes. Not long, not convoluted, single OS, etc…simple step by step.


I am still sanitizing the installation one based on 4.2 .

Comments, flames ?

CloudStack Planet

Speaking in Tech Podcast - The Register

Aaron Delp joined in as a part of talking cloud and especially CloudStack as part of an interview with The Register and their "Speaking in Tech" podcast series.

Aaron's section on ACS is from 17:45 to 26:00 -

CloudStack Appliances Released

Ilya Musayev a committer of the ACS project and founder of CloudSands project has recently announced the release of a set of pre-built management server appliances available for open use based off the ACS 4.1.1 code base. There are appliances for VMware, Xen and KVM hypervisors.

Objective: Speed up the Apache CloudStack adoption by abstracting the need of going through install process and using pre-installed package instead. Especially useful for a quick POC.

Short URL: link
Long URL: link

Short URL: link
Long URL: link

Short URL: link
Full URL: link

Minimum Requirements:
1 CPU x 2 GB of RAM


Please spend few minutes on testing these out, you can import it as a template into your ACS - power on and see the details on initial start.
I've tested vSphere and KVM version. I don't have XEN instance to try.


New Committers and PMC Members

  • Ilya Musayev has been invited to join the CloudStack PMC, and has accepted.
  • Vijay Bhamidipati has been invited by the PMC to become a committer and has accepted.
  • Toshiaki Hatano has been invited by the PMC to become a committer and has accepted.
  • Kirk Kosinski has been invited by the PMC to become a committer and has accepted.
  • Ian Duffy has been invited by the PMC to become a committer and has accepted.