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Apache CloudStack Weekly News - 28 January 2013

As the 4.1.0 feature freeze approaches, the mailing list has been extremely active. The activity on -dev is off the charts, with (according to MarkMail) more than 4,400 messages sent to -dev in January - and the month isn't over yet! This eclipses the previous record set in October 2012 of 3,109 messages. Major discussions this week include the Javelin merge and IP clearance issues.

The feature freeze is 31 January 2013. Testing and bugfixing will carry through from 1 February 2013 to 28 February 2013, then docs freeze is on 28 February (excepting release notes and translations). See the full schedule on the wiki.

Major Discussions and Issues

As usual, the -dev mailing list has been hopping for the past week. Here's a summary of some of the major issues and discussions that have taken place over the last week.

Counting down to feature freeze for 4.1.0-incubating

Reminder on 21st January that there were 10 days left to feature freeze on Apache CloudStack 4.1.0-incubating. Status at the time of the reminder:

Out of 95 total proposed features / improvements, their status is:

3 Closed
12 Resolved
5 Reopened
21 In Progress
54 Open

IP Donations

This week we had several VOTE results around IP donations from Citrix.

Note that Chip Childers sent an email about incoming IP Clearance VOTEs to about the 7 IP clearance votes that would be sent to the incubator folks.

Javelin Merge

Alex Huang started a discussion about merging the Javelin branch into master. "The content of the merge is the storage framework refactoring and converting everything use Spring." There's some decisions yet to be resolved around the storage piece of this that needs to be resolved before the request to merge Javelin is decided.

LICENSE and NOTICE files for 4.1.0

Chip Childers has raised a question about changes to the LICENSE and NOTICE files for CloudStack. This would remove all binary dependency notice info from the top level LICENSE and NOTICE files in the source tree, and create two copies of the Whisker descriptor.xml files, one that generates the source distro's files and one that generates the files for packaged versions of Apache CloudStack.

VOTE called for 4.0.1-incubating

The VOTE for 4.0.1-incubating has been called as of January 25 and will run for 72 hours or until it gets the required votes, or is -1'ed and restarted. Note that, if successful, the release still needs to be voted on by the IPMC and receive at least three +1 votes. The release could be out as early as next week, if all goes well.

Writing unit tests after Javelin is merged

Alex Huang has written up a page on how to write unit tests after the Spring injection framework is merged into Master.

CloudStack San Francsico Bay Area Meetup group created

A new meet group has been created for San Francsico Bay Area First meetup is expected in February, so stay tuned.

Bang-up job on translations

According to Sebastien Goasguen

The mad race to CloudStack documentation translation has started.
Japan is leading the way with 52% of the translation complete.
China is close second with 40%
Brazil is third with 11%

See more about working on translations on the wiki.

Hyper-V Plugin

Donal Lafferty has submitted a review request for a Hyper-V plugin for CloudStack.

Upcoming Events

Speaking at events doesn't happen by accident, or without preparation. For example, if you want to speak at a major event like OSCON, you need to submit a talk well in advance.

CFPs to be aware of

Mark Hinkle sent a note to -dev reminding that the CFP for OSCON 2013 will close on 4 February. If we want to see CloudStack talks at OSCON (and we do, yeah?) then get those proposals in!

The Linux Collaboration Summit CFP also closes on 4 February 2013 in case you were looking to get a CloudStack or related talk in.

What's on tap for the coming weeks


New Committers and PPMC Members