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Apache CloudStack Weekly News - 13 May 2013

square-cloudmonkey.pngWhat's new in Apache CloudStack? This issue, we take a look at progress towards the 4.1.0 release, major discussions in the community, and the upcoming CloudStack Collaboration Conference. We also welcome three new committers to the Apache CloudStack project, Clayton Weise, Isaac Chiang, and Phong Nguyen.

As you may have noticed, we skipped the newsletter last week. Apologies about that! This week's newsletter catches up from the beginning of May.

CloudStack North America Collaboration Conference 2013!

The Apache CloudStack community is going to have its second conference in late June. If you missed the first one, or couldn't wait to do it again, you'll want to hurry up and make plans to be there!

  • CloudStack Collaboration Conference 2013 is being held from 23 June to 25 June in Santa Clara, CA at the Santa Clara Convention Center.
  • Register now as spots are limited! It's important to join in our yearly conference to learn and truly collaborate with the community in person. This year we are including a "Hack Day", where collaboration will be happening in a real time!
  • Are you ready to share your CloudStack vision? See the Call for Proposals if you're interested in speaking. Proposals close on May 19th.
  • We are still looking for Conference Sponsors! Have your company be part of this great event. Contact Nancy Asche at (407) 601-6228 or for more details on how to get involved.

Major Discussions

Several major discussions this week, summarized below. Note that this is only a fraction of the activity in the project. For a full overview of project activity, you may want to subscribe to

4.1.0 Update

Chip Childers sent out an update on the latest blockers on Monday, May 13th.

Security Mailing List

To better help communicate about security related matters, announce security concerns, and determine additional security needs for CloudStack, a new mailing list is being set up and run similarly to The list is only open to members of the security team, but anyone can email the list with security issues.

Network Guru Refactoring

Daan Hoogland has proposed refactoring the network guru. Chiradeep Vittal points out that, for major changes, we should have a functional specification (FS) in addition to an email bringing the topic up on dev@. Daan has agreed to provide one, which should help spark an intelligent discussion about the proposed feature.

Test Plan Review for Better VM Sync

Suresh Sadhu has asked for review of a QA Test Plan for "Better VM Sync" and for comments on the plan.

Feature Freeze for 4.2.0 is Coming

Animesh Chaturvedi has posted a reminder about the 4.2.0 feature freeze, along with the dashboard for tracking 4.2.0 progress.

Change Status when Features are Merged to Master

Sudha Ponnaganti reminds contributors to change the status in Jira. It's important to help folks doing QA to pick up the feature for validation.

CloudStack Planet - Posts from the CloudStack Community

Upcoming Events

If you have an event you wanted added here, please send to the or see how to contribute to the news below.

New Committers and PMC Members

Clayton Weise has been invited to become a committer and has accepted.

Phong Nguyen has been invited to become a committer and has accepted.

Isaac Chiang has been invited to become a committer and has accepted.

Contributing to the Weekly News

Want to keep reading the CloudStack Weekly News? Many hands make light work, but having only one editor means getting the weekly news out every week is a "best effort" activity. A healthy community publication needs several contributors to ensure weekly issues go out on time.

If you have an event, discussion, or other item to contribute to the Weekly News, you can add it directly to the wiki by editing the issue you want your item to appear in. (The next week's issue is created before the current issue is published - so at any time there should be at least one issue ready to edit.)

Alternatively, you can send a note to the mailing list with a subject including News: description of topic or email the newsletter editor directly (jzb at, again with the subject News: description of topic. Please include a link to the discussion in the mailing list archive or Web page with details of the event, etc.