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Apache CloudStack LTS Release

Ivet Petrova

The Apache Software Foundation Announces Apache® CloudStack® v4.17

Apache CloudStack is a 4.17 LTS release with 383 new features, improvements and bug fixes since 4.16, including 16 major new features. Some of the highlights include:

  • IPv6 with Static Routing
  • Zero Downtime Upgrades
  • Virtual Router Live Patching
  • CloudStack Status & management
  • User Shared Networks
  • StorPool storage plugin
  • Storage-based Snapshots for KVM Instances
  • Attach and detach features to UI for ROOT disks
  • Enable CloudStack to use multiple LOCAL storage pools
  • Multiple SSH Keys support
  • Reserve and release Public IPs


The full list of new features can be found in the project release
notes at

The CloudStack documentation includes upgrade instructions from
previous versions of Apache CloudStack, and can be found at:

The official installation, administration and API documentation for
each of the releases are available on our documentation page:

# Downloads
The official source code for the release can be downloaded
from our downloads page:

In addition to the official source code release, individual
contributors have also made convenience binaries available on the
Apache CloudStack download page, and can be found at: