Apache CloudStack, CloudStack, the CloudStack word design, the Apache CloudStack word design, the cloud monkey logo, either separately or in combination are hereinafter referred to as "CloudStack Trademarks" and are trademarks or registered trademarks of the Apache Software Foundation. Excepting the provisions outlined below you may not use the CloudStack trademarks or any confusingly similar mark as a trademark for your product, to imply endorsement by the project, or use the CloudStack trademarks in any other manner that might cause confusion in the marketplace.

Trademark law dictates that owners must police their marks or risk the loss of the marks.

The Apache Software Foundation has an established trademark policy (http://www.apache.org/foundation/marks) that when in conflict should be considered the canonical standard (with one exception noted below).

However, the Apache Software Foundation has given the responsibility for brand management to the project's Project Management Committee. Thus this document should be taken as additive to the Apache Software Foundation's trademark guideline. Nothing contained herein provides an exception to those guidelines (again, with one exception below).

Exception: The Apache CloudStack PMC is the contact point for all requests related to the use of the CloudStack Trademarks. In places where the Apache Software Foundation's formal trademark usage documentation and policies specify trademarks@apache.org, requesters should use press@cloudstack.apache.org or private@cloudstack.apache.org. In places where the Apache Software Foundation's policies specify that explicit approval must come from the VP Brand Management, requesters will be given authoritative approval from a representative of the Apache CloudStack PMC instead. The Apache Software Foundation has delegated approval authority to the Apache CloudStack PMC, specifically related to the CloudStack Trademarks.

Mark usage


The word 'CloudStack' is a registered trademark, and should use the '®' symbol. In places where that symbol is not reasonably used it is acceptable to use '(R)' as an alternative.

Other CloudStack marks

The CloudStack word design, the Apache CloudStack word design, the 'Apache CloudStack' wordmark and the cloud monkey logo are all trademarks and should not appear without the '™' symbol being present.

Apache CloudStack Logo (TM)

The Apache CloudStack logo with the "TM" symbol present may be downloaded here:


Exhibiting at Events:

Apache CloudStack committers may, without prior approval, use the CloudStack Trademarks to promote exhibits or sessions at events with the aim to promote Apache CloudStack, though the general adherence to the ASF's trademark guidelines is still required.

Sponsoring Events:

Sponsoring events can provide good visibility for the project, however it frequently requires funds that the project does not have access to. Many outside organizations wish to provide this type of visibility.

The following is required:

CloudStack Specific Conferences:

The following is required:

Meetup groups, hackfests, barcamps, Birds of a Feather, and other small events:

Local area user events are encouraged.

Non-software goods

Creating non-software goods (e.g.: stickers, event give-aways, etc…) to help promote the Apache CloudStack project is encouraged. However, there are some requirements that must be met prior to producing the goods. Additionally, goods bearing any of the CloudStack marks may not be sold without explicit written permission.

The following is required:


No additional guidelines are required above and beyond the Third Party Domain Name Branding Policy. In general:

you may not use Apache marks such as "ApacheFoo" or "Foo" in your own domain names if that use would be likely to confuse a relevant consumer about the source of software or services provided through your domain with products or services provided by the Apache Foo project or the Apache Software Foundation as a whole. You should apply the "likelihood of confusion" test described in our formal Trademark Policy, and please realize that the use of Apache marks in third party domain names is generally not "nominative fair use."