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Meet the Community - Slavka Peleva


The Apache CloudStack Community is an ever-growing and rapidly-developed community of people all around the globe committed to open-source technology. We are a welcoming society for new contributors and people keen on technology. This blog series will present you with recent CloudStack Committers and PMC members. Learn more about our tech society!

Meet Slavka Peleva from StorPool Storage. Slavka is a software developer and has been announced as a CloudStack Commiter at the end of 2021. She is part of the CloudStack community for the last 3 years and is excited to work on new features and capabilities to improve the open-source cloud management solution.

Introduce yourself with a few words?
Hi, I am Slavka Peleva and I work at StorPool Storage as a software developer. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Automation, information and control systems. I am a mother of a teenage boy. I love to read fantasy books, snowboarding in winters and rollerblading in summers.

Tell us your story in one Tweet.
I have always loved puzzles and brain teasers. For me, programming is an art. I have a passion for debugging and digging into the code.

When did you start your CloudStack journey?
In the middle of 2019 I have started to work at StorPool Storage. Then I did my first steps into CloudStack and it was my first open-source project. Since then I learned a lot and I met interesting people.

Who was your mentor during your CloudStack journey?
My colleagues at StorPool. I аm very happy that I have the chance to work with such exceptional professionals. Thanks to them the beginning was not so hard. I should also thank Rohit Yadav and ShapeBlue who shared with me the hackerbook. When I felt a bit comfortable in the community I have started to bother most of the guys :) I am glad that the people in CloudStack's community are really supportive and nice and they have helped me in my journey.

Which was the latest feature on which you contributed or what was your last commitment to the CloudStack project?
Most of my contributing PRs are related to fixes with storage issues. One of the features that I have developed in CloudStack still did not get in but I hope that happens in the next release. It is for storage-based VM snapshots on KVM. Libvirt does not give the option to take virtual machine snapshots on images with RAW format. With this feature, the storage will have the functionality to take group consistent snapshots on all volumes of a virtual machine.

Why do people need to choose open-source technology?
The biggest advantage is the quality. A lot of developers are actively going through the code and making changes and only the best changes get into the final version. The contributions that every one of us does is what makes CloudStack such a powerful technology that so many system administrators and solutions architects use to build up their clouds.

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