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Meet the Community - Nicolas Vazquez


The Apache CloudStack Community is an ever-growing and rapidly-developed community of people all around the globe committed to open-source technology. We are a welcoming society for new contributors and people keen on technology. This blog series will present you with recent CloudStack Committers and PMC members. Learn more about our tech society!

Meet Nicolas Vazquez! He is a Senior Software Engineer at ShapeBlue and is a PMC member of the Apache CloudStack project. He spends his time designing and implementing features in  CloudStack and can be seen acting as a release manager also.

Introduce yourself with a few words?

My name is Nicolas Vazquez, and I am a software engineer. I am 31 years old, based in Uruguay and work as a Senior Software Engineer at Shapeblue. I'm happily married and also a father of a young girl. I am a fan of sports, enjoy playing tennis and football. I also enjoy reading and listening to economic and political materials.

Tell us your story in one Tweet?

I have a degree in Computer Science and have worked on software development for the last 9 years. For the first years, I have worked mostly as a Java developer and since I met CloudStack I have been learning more about networking, storage, virtualisation. I became a CloudStack Committer in 2016 and a PMC member last year.

When did you start your CloudStack journey?

I have met CloudStack in 2015 while I was working for my previous job. I personally didn't know about CloudStack but got assigned to a development project for it and that is where I started investigating and learning about it. I have been actively contributing and learning a lot since then.

Who was your mentor during your CloudStack journey?

My first mentor was Sergey Levitskiy. After I have joined Shapeblue, my mentor has been Rohit Yadav. I admire and appreciate both of them. I also enjoy acting as a mentor, recently have been assisting other community members - Suresh on the Release Management of the release - which was released earlier this month.

Which was the latest feature on which you contributed or what was your last commitment to the CloudStack project?

My last commitment to CloudStack was acting as the Release Manager for the version 4.16.0 and also for the upcoming 4.17.0 version. Version 4.16.0 was released in November 2021 and introduces many interesting new features and improvements.

I am currently contributing by being the Release Manager for the upcoming 4.17 release of CloudStack. It is expected to bring a bunch of enhancements and new capabilities, such as improvements in the IPv6 support, shared networks, UX improvements for VM and volume migration and a lot more.

Why do people need to choose open-source technology?

I think the power of open-source technologies is that these solutions are not bound to any company and are the result of many individuals from different companies interacting and cooperating to build the best possible product. This is beneficial for the users as the product can be extended by anyone and contributed back to the whole community. Last but not least, the support of the community is also very important, and in my opinion, CloudStack is an excellent example of a successful open-source project.

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