Apache CloudStack v4.6.0 User API Reference


Updates ACL item with specified ID

Request parameters

Parameter NameDescriptionRequired
idthe ID of the network ACL itemtrue
actionscl entry action, allow or denyfalse
cidrlistthe cidr list to allow traffic from/tofalse
customidan optional field, in case you want to set a custom id to the resource. Allowed to Root Admins onlyfalse
endportthe ending port of ACLfalse
fordisplayan optional field, whether to the display the rule to the end user or notfalse
icmpcodeerror code for this ICMP messagefalse
icmptypetype of the ICMP message being sentfalse
numberThe network of the vm the ACL will be created forfalse
protocolthe protocol for the ACL rule. Valid values are TCP/UDP/ICMP/ALL or valid protocol numberfalse
startportthe starting port of ACLfalse
traffictypethe traffic type for the ACL,can be Ingress or Egress, defaulted to Ingress if not specifiedfalse

Response Tags

Response NameDescription
idthe ID of the ACL Item
aclidthe ID of the ACL this item belongs to
actionAction of ACL Item. Allow/Deny
cidrlistthe cidr list to forward traffic from
endportthe ending port of ACL's port range
fordisplayis rule for display to the regular user
icmpcodeerror code for this icmp message
icmptypetype of the icmp message being sent
numberNumber of the ACL Item
protocolthe protocol of the ACL
startportthe starting port of ACL's port range
statethe state of the rule
traffictypethe traffic type for the ACL
tags(*)the list of resource tags associated with the network ACLs
accountthe account associated with the tag
customercustomer associated with the tag
domainthe domain associated with the tag
domainidthe ID of the domain associated with the tag
keytag key name
projectthe project name where tag belongs to
projectidthe project id the tag belongs to
resourceidid of the resource
resourcetyperesource type
valuetag value