Apache CloudStack v4.6.0 Root Admin API Reference


Updates an existing cluster

Request parameters

Parameter NameDescriptionRequired
idthe ID of the Clustertrue
allocationstateAllocation state of this cluster for allocation of new resourcesfalse
clusternamethe cluster namefalse
clustertypehypervisor type of the clusterfalse
hypervisorhypervisor type of the clusterfalse
managedstatewhether this cluster is managed by cloudstackfalse

Response Tags

Response NameDescription
idthe cluster ID
allocationstatethe allocation state of the cluster
clustertypethe type of the cluster
cpuovercommitratioThe cpu overcommit ratio of the cluster
hypervisortypethe hypervisor type of the cluster
managedstatewhether this cluster is managed by cloudstack
memoryovercommitratioThe memory overcommit ratio of the cluster
namethe cluster name
ovm3vipOvm3 VIP to use for pooling and/or clustering
podidthe Pod ID of the cluster
podnamethe Pod name of the cluster
zoneidthe Zone ID of the cluster
zonenamethe Zone name of the cluster
capacity(*)the capacity of the Cluster
capacitytotalthe total capacity available
capacityusedthe capacity currently in use
clusteridthe Cluster ID
clusternamethe Cluster name
percentusedthe percentage of capacity currently in use
podidthe Pod ID
podnamethe Pod name
typethe capacity type
zoneidthe Zone ID
zonenamethe Zone name