Apache CloudStack v4.4.1 Root Admin API Reference


Import LDAP users

Request parameters

Parameter NameDescriptionRequired
accounttypeType of the account. Specify 0 for user, 1 for root admin, and 2 for domain admintrue
accountCreates the user under the specified account. If no account is specified, the username will be used as the account name.false
accountdetailsdetails for account used to store specific parametersfalse
domainidSpecifies the domain to which the ldap users are to be imported. If no domain is specified, a domain will created using group parameter. If the group is also not specified, a domain name based on the OU information will be created. If no OU hierarchy exists, will be defaulted to ROOT domainfalse
groupSpecifies the group name from which the ldap users are to be imported. If no group is specified, all the users will be imported.false
keywordList by keywordfalse
timezoneSpecifies a timezone for this command. For more information on the timezone parameter, see Time Zone Format.false

Response Tags

Response NameDescription
domainThe user's domain
emailThe user's email
firstnameThe user's firstname
lastnameThe user's lastname
principalThe user's principle
usernameThe user's username