Apache CloudStack v4.4.1 Domain Admin API Reference


Lists all available networks.

Request parameters

Parameter NameDescriptionRequired
accountlist resources by account. Must be used with the domainId parameter.false
acltypelist networks by ACL (access control list) type. Supported values are Account and Domainfalse
canusefordeploylist networks available for vm deploymentfalse
displaynetworklist resources by display flag; only ROOT admin is eligible to pass this parameterfalse
domainidlist only resources belonging to the domain specifiedfalse
forvpcthe network belongs to vpcfalse
idlist networks by idfalse
isrecursivedefaults to false, but if true, lists all resources from the parent specified by the domainId till leaves.false
issystemtrue if network is system, false otherwisefalse
keywordList by keywordfalse
listallIf set to false, list only resources belonging to the command's caller; if set to true - list resources that the caller is authorized to see. Default value is falsefalse
physicalnetworkidlist networks by physical network idfalse
projectidlist objects by projectfalse
restartrequiredlist networks by restartRequiredfalse
specifyiprangestrue if need to list only networks which support specifying ip rangesfalse
supportedserviceslist networks supporting certain servicesfalse
tagsList resources by tags (key/value pairs)false
traffictypetype of the trafficfalse
typethe type of the network. Supported values are: Isolated and Sharedfalse
vpcidList networks by VPCfalse
zoneidthe Zone ID of the networkfalse

Response Tags

Response NameDescription
idthe id of the network
accountthe owner of the network
aclidACL Id associated with the VPC network
acltypeacl type - access type to the network
broadcastdomaintypeBroadcast domain type of the network
broadcasturibroadcast uri of the network. This parameter is visible to ROOT admins only
canusefordeploylist networks available for vm deployment
cidrCloudstack managed address space, all CloudStack managed VMs get IP address from CIDR
displaynetworkan optional field, whether to the display the network to the end user or not.
displaytextthe displaytext of the network
dns1the first DNS for the network
dns2the second DNS for the network
domainthe domain name of the network owner
domainidthe domain id of the network owner
gatewaythe network's gateway
ip6cidrthe cidr of IPv6 network
ip6gatewaythe gateway of IPv6 network
isdefaulttrue if network is default, false otherwise
ispersistentlist networks that are persistent
issystemtrue if network is system, false otherwise
namethe name of the network
netmaskthe network's netmask
networkcidrthe network CIDR of the guest network configured with IP reservation. It is the summation of CIDR and RESERVED_IP_RANGE
networkdomainthe network domain
networkofferingavailabilityavailability of the network offering the network is created from
networkofferingconservemodetrue if network offering is ip conserve mode enabled
networkofferingdisplaytextdisplay text of the network offering the network is created from
networkofferingidnetwork offering id the network is created from
networkofferingnamename of the network offering the network is created from
physicalnetworkidthe physical network id
projectthe project name of the address
projectidthe project id of the ipaddress
relatedrelated to what other network configuration
reservediprangethe network's IP range not to be used by CloudStack guest VMs and can be used for non CloudStack purposes
restartrequiredtrue network requires restart
specifyiprangestrue if network supports specifying ip ranges, false otherwise
statestate of the network
strechedl2subnettrue if network can span multiple zones
subdomainaccesstrue if users from subdomains can access the domain level network
traffictypethe traffic type of the network
typethe type of the network
vlanThe vlan of the network. This parameter is visible to ROOT admins only
vpcidVPC the network belongs to
zoneidzone id of the network
zonenamethe name of the zone the network belongs to
zonesnetworkspansIf a network is enabled for 'streched l2 subnet' then represents zones on which network currently spans
service(*)the list of services
namethe service name
capability(*)the list of capabilities
canchooseservicecapabilitycan this service capability value can be choosable while creatine network offerings
namethe capability name
valuethe capability value
provider(*)the service provider name
iduuid of the network provider
canenableindividualservicetrue if individual services can be enabled/disabled
destinationphysicalnetworkidthe destination physical network
namethe provider name
physicalnetworkidthe physical network this belongs to
servicelistservices for this provider
statestate of the network provider
tags(*)the list of resource tags associated with network
accountthe account associated with the tag
customercustomer associated with the tag
domainthe domain associated with the tag
domainidthe ID of the domain associated with the tag
keytag key name
projectthe project name where tag belongs to
projectidthe project id the tag belongs to
resourceidid of the resource
resourcetyperesource type
valuetag value