Apache CloudStack v4.4.1 Domain Admin API Reference


Assign load balancer rule or list of load balancer rules to a global load balancer rules.

Request parameters

Parameter NameDescriptionRequired
idthe ID of the global load balancer ruletrue
loadbalancerrulelistthe list load balancer rules that will be assigned to gloabal load balacner ruletrue
gslblbruleweightsmapMap of LB rule id's and corresponding weights (between 1-100) in the GSLB rule, if not specified weight of a LB rule is defaulted to 1. Specified as 'gslblbruleweightsmap[0].loadbalancerid=UUID&gslblbruleweightsmap[0].weight=10'false

Response Tags

Response NameDescription
displaytextany text associated with the success or failure
successtrue if operation is executed successfully