Apache CloudStack v4.3.0 User API Reference


Lists all available snapshots for the account.

Request parameters

Parameter NameDescriptionRequired
accountlist resources by account. Must be used with the domainId parameter.false
domainidlist only resources belonging to the domain specifiedfalse
idlists snapshot by snapshot IDfalse
intervaltypevalid values are HOURLY, DAILY, WEEKLY, and MONTHLY.false
isrecursivedefaults to false, but if true, lists all resources from the parent specified by the domainId till leaves.false
keywordList by keywordfalse
listallIf set to false, list only resources belonging to the command's caller; if set to true - list resources that the caller is authorized to see. Default value is falsefalse
namelists snapshot by snapshot namefalse
projectidlist objects by projectfalse
snapshottypevalid values are MANUAL or RECURRING.false
tagsList resources by tags (key/value pairs)false
volumeidthe ID of the disk volumefalse
zoneidlist snapshots by zone idfalse

Response Tags

Response NameDescription
idID of the snapshot
accountthe account associated with the snapshot
created the date the snapshot was created
domainthe domain name of the snapshot's account
domainidthe domain ID of the snapshot's account
intervaltypevalid types are hourly, daily, weekly, monthy, template, and none.
namename of the snapshot
projectthe project name of the snapshot
projectidthe project id of the snapshot
revertableindicates whether the underlying storage supports reverting the volume to this snapshot
snapshottypethe type of the snapshot
statethe state of the snapshot. BackedUp means that snapshot is ready to be used; Creating - the snapshot is being allocated on the primary storage; BackingUp - the snapshot is being backed up on secondary storage
volumeidID of the disk volume
volumenamename of the disk volume
volumetypetype of the disk volume
zoneidid of the availability zone
tags(*)the list of resource tags associated with snapshot
accountthe account associated with the tag
customercustomer associated with the tag
domainthe domain associated with the tag
domainidthe ID of the domain associated with the tag
keytag key name
projectthe project name where tag belongs to
projectidthe project id the tag belongs to
resourceidid of the resource
resourcetyperesource type
valuetag value
jobidthe ID of the latest async job acting on this object
jobstatusthe current status of the latest async job acting on this object