Apache CloudStack v4.3.0 Root Admin API Reference


Uploads a custom certificate for the console proxy VMs to use for SSL. Can be used to upload a single certificate signed by a known CA. Can also be used, through multiple calls, to upload a chain of certificates from CA to the custom certificate itself.

Request parameters

Parameter NameDescriptionRequired
certificateThe certificate to be uploaded.true
domainsuffixDNS domain suffix that the certificate is granted for.true
idAn integer providing the location in a chain that the certificate will hold. Usually, this can be left empty. When creating a chain, the top level certificate should have an ID of 1, with each step in the chain incrementing by one. Example, CA with id = 1, Intermediate CA with id = 2, Site certificate with ID = 3false
nameA name / alias for the certificate.false
privatekeyThe private key for the attached certificate.false

Response Tags

Response NameDescription
messagemessage of the certificate upload operation