Apache CloudStack v4.3.0 Root Admin API Reference


List routers.

Request parameters

Parameter NameDescriptionRequired
accountlist resources by account. Must be used with the domainId parameter.false
clusteridthe cluster ID of the routerfalse
domainidlist only resources belonging to the domain specifiedfalse
forvpcif true is passed for this parameter, list only VPC routersfalse
hostidthe host ID of the routerfalse
idthe ID of the disk routerfalse
isrecursivedefaults to false, but if true, lists all resources from the parent specified by the domainId till leaves.false
keywordList by keywordfalse
listallIf set to false, list only resources belonging to the command's caller; if set to true - list resources that the caller is authorized to see. Default value is falsefalse
namethe name of the routerfalse
networkidlist by network idfalse
podidthe Pod ID of the routerfalse
projectidlist objects by projectfalse
statethe state of the routerfalse
versionlist virtual router elements by versionfalse
vpcidList networks by VPCfalse
zoneidthe Zone ID of the routerfalse

Response Tags

Response NameDescription
idthe id of the router
accountthe account associated with the router
createdthe date and time the router was created
dns1the first DNS for the router
dns2the second DNS for the router
domainthe domain associated with the router
domainidthe domain ID associated with the router
gatewaythe gateway for the router
guestipaddressthe guest IP address for the router
guestmacaddressthe guest MAC address for the router
guestnetmaskthe guest netmask for the router
guestnetworkidthe ID of the corresponding guest network
hostidthe host ID for the router
hostnamethe hostname for the router
ip6dns1the first IPv6 DNS for the router
ip6dns2the second IPv6 DNS for the router
isredundantrouterif this router is an redundant virtual router
linklocalipthe link local IP address for the router
linklocalmacaddressthe link local MAC address for the router
linklocalnetmaskthe link local netmask for the router
linklocalnetworkidthe ID of the corresponding link local network
namethe name of the router
networkdomainthe network domain for the router
podidthe Pod ID for the router
projectthe project name of the address
projectidthe project id of the ipaddress
publicipthe public IP address for the router
publicmacaddressthe public MAC address for the router
publicnetmaskthe public netmask for the router
publicnetworkidthe ID of the corresponding public network
redundantstatethe state of redundant virtual router
requiresupgradetrue if the router template requires upgrader
rolerole of the domain router
scriptsversionthe version of scripts
serviceofferingidthe ID of the service offering of the virtual machine
serviceofferingnamethe name of the service offering of the virtual machine
statethe state of the router
templateidthe template ID for the router
versionthe version of template
vpcidVPC the router belongs to
zoneidthe Zone ID for the router
zonenamethe Zone name for the router
nic(*)the list of nics associated with the router
idthe ID of the nic
broadcasturithe broadcast uri of the nic
gatewaythe gateway of the nic
ip6addressthe IPv6 address of network
ip6cidrthe cidr of IPv6 network
ip6gatewaythe gateway of IPv6 network
ipaddressthe ip address of the nic
isdefaulttrue if nic is default, false otherwise
isolationurithe isolation uri of the nic
macaddresstrue if nic is default, false otherwise
netmaskthe netmask of the nic
networkidthe ID of the corresponding network
networknamethe name of the corresponding network
secondaryipthe Secondary ipv4 addr of nic
traffictypethe traffic type of the nic
typethe type of the nic