Apache CloudStack v4.2.0 User API Reference


Lists all available service offerings.

Request parameters

Parameter NameDescriptionRequired
domainidthe ID of the domain associated with the service offeringfalse
idID of the service offeringfalse
issystemis this a system vm offeringfalse
keywordList by keywordfalse
namename of the service offeringfalse
systemvmtypethe system VM type. Possible types are "consoleproxy", "secondarystoragevm" or "domainrouter".false
virtualmachineidthe ID of the virtual machine. Pass this in if you want to see the available service offering that a virtual machine can be changed to.false

Response Tags

Response NameDescription
idthe id of the service offering
cpunumberthe number of CPU
cpuspeedthe clock rate CPU speed in Mhz
createdthe date this service offering was created
defaultuseis this a default system vm offering
deploymentplannerdeployment strategy used to deploy VM.
diskBytesReadRatebytes read rate of the service offering
diskBytesWriteRatebytes write rate of the service offering
diskIopsReadRateio requests read rate of the service offering
diskIopsWriteRateio requests write rate of the service offering
displaytextan alternate display text of the service offering.
domainDomain name for the offering
domainidthe domain id of the service offering
hosttagsthe host tag for the service offering
issystemis this a system vm offering
isvolatiletrue if the vm needs to be volatile, i.e., on every reboot of vm from API root disk is discarded and creates a new root disk
limitcpuuserestrict the CPU usage to committed service offering
memorythe memory in MB
namethe name of the service offering
networkratedata transfer rate in megabits per second allowed.
offerhathe ha support in the service offering
serviceofferingdetailsadditional key/value details tied with this service offering
storagetypethe storage type for this service offering
systemvmtypeis this a the systemvm type for system vm offering
tagsthe tags for the service offering