Apache CloudStack v4.2.0 Root Admin API Reference


Lists all available network offerings.

Request parameters

Parameter NameDescriptionRequired
availabilitythe availability of network offering. Default value is Requiredfalse
displaytextlist network offerings by display textfalse
forvpcthe network offering can be used only for network creation inside the VPCfalse
guestiptypelist network offerings by guest type: Shared or Isolatedfalse
idlist network offerings by idfalse
isdefaulttrue if need to list only default network offerings. Default value is falsefalse
istaggedtrue if offering has tags specifiedfalse
keywordList by keywordfalse
namelist network offerings by namefalse
networkidthe ID of the network. Pass this in if you want to see the available network offering that a network can be changed to.false
sourcenatsupportedtrue if need to list only netwok offerings where source nat is supported, false otherwisefalse
specifyiprangestrue if need to list only network offerings which support specifying ip rangesfalse
specifyvlanthe tags for the network offering.false
statelist network offerings by statefalse
supportedserviceslist network offerings supporting certain servicesfalse
tagslist network offerings by tagsfalse
traffictypelist by traffic typefalse
zoneidlist netowrk offerings available for network creation in specific zonefalse

Response Tags

Response NameDescription
idthe id of the network offering
availabilityavailability of the network offering
conservemodetrue if network offering is ip conserve mode enabled
createdthe date this network offering was created
detailsadditional key/value details tied with network offering
displaytextan alternate display text of the network offering.
egressdefaultpolicytrue if network offering supports persistent networks, false otherwise
forvpctrue if network offering can be used by VPC networks only
guestiptypeguest type of the network offering, can be Shared or Isolated
isdefaulttrue if network offering is default, false otherwise
ispersistenttrue if network offering supports persistent networks, false otherwise
maxconnectionsmaximum number of concurrents connections to be handled by lb
namethe name of the network offering
networkratedata transfer rate in megabits per second allowed.
serviceofferingidthe ID of the service offering used by virtual router provider
specifyiprangestrue if network offering supports specifying ip ranges, false otherwise
specifyvlantrue if network offering supports vlans, false otherwise
statestate of the network offering. Can be Disabled/Enabled/Inactive
tagsthe tags for the network offering
traffictypethe traffic type for the network offering, supported types are Public, Management, Control, Guest, Vlan or Storage.
service(*)the list of supported services
namethe service name
capability(*)the list of capabilities
canchooseservicecapabilitycan this service capability value can be choosable while creatine network offerings
namethe capability name
valuethe capability value
provider(*)the service provider name
iduuid of the network provider
canenableindividualservicetrue if individual services can be enabled/disabled
destinationphysicalnetworkidthe destination physical network
namethe provider name
physicalnetworkidthe physical network this belongs to
servicelistservices for this provider
statestate of the network provider