Apache CloudStack v4.2.0 Root Admin API Reference


Lists hosts.

Request parameters

Parameter NameDescriptionRequired
clusteridlists hosts existing in particular clusterfalse
detailscomma separated list of host details requested, value can be a list of [ min, all, capacity, events, stats]false
hahostif true, list only hosts dedicated to HAfalse
idthe id of the hostfalse
keywordList by keywordfalse
namethe name of the hostfalse
podidthe Pod ID for the hostfalse
resourcestatelist hosts by resource state. Resource state represents current state determined by admin of host, valule can be one of [Enabled, Disabled, Unmanaged, PrepareForMaintenance, ErrorInMaintenance, Maintenance, Error]false
statethe state of the hostfalse
typethe host typefalse
virtualmachineidlists hosts in the same cluster as this VM and flag hosts with enough CPU/RAm to host this VMfalse
zoneidthe Zone ID for the hostfalse

Response Tags

Response NameDescription
idthe ID of the host
averageloadthe cpu average load on the host
capabilitiescapabilities of the host
clusteridthe cluster ID of the host
clusternamethe cluster name of the host
clustertypethe cluster type of the cluster that host belongs to
cpuallocatedthe amount of the host's CPU currently allocated
cpunumberthe CPU number of the host
cpuspeedthe CPU speed of the host
cpuusedthe amount of the host's CPU currently used
cpuwithoverprovisioningthe amount of the host's CPU after applying the cpu.overprovisioning.factor
createdthe date and time the host was created
disconnectedtrue if the host is disconnected. False otherwise.
disksizeallocatedthe host's currently allocated disk size
disksizetotalthe total disk size of the host
eventsevents available for the host
hahosttrue if the host is Ha host (dedicated to vms started by HA process; false otherwise
hasenoughcapacitytrue if this host has enough CPU and RAM capacity to migrate a VM to it, false otherwise
hosttagscomma-separated list of tags for the host
hypervisorthe host hypervisor
hypervisorversionthe hypervisor version
ipaddressthe IP address of the host
islocalstorageactivetrue if local storage is active, false otherwise
lastpingedthe date and time the host was last pinged
managementserveridthe management server ID of the host
memoryallocatedthe amount of the host's memory currently allocated
memorytotalthe memory total of the host
memoryusedthe amount of the host's memory currently used
namethe name of the host
networkkbsreadthe incoming network traffic on the host
networkkbswritethe outgoing network traffic on the host
oscategoryidthe OS category ID of the host
oscategorynamethe OS category name of the host
podidthe Pod ID of the host
podnamethe Pod name of the host
removedthe date and time the host was removed
resourcestatethe resource state of the host
statethe state of the host
suitableformigrationtrue if this host is suitable(has enough capacity and satisfies all conditions like hosttags, max guests vm limit etc) to migrate a VM to it , false otherwise
typethe host type
versionthe host version
zoneidthe Zone ID of the host
zonenamethe Zone name of the host
jobidthe ID of the latest async job acting on this object
jobstatusthe current status of the latest async job acting on this object