Apache CloudStack Root Admin API Reference


Start rolling maintenance

Request parameters

Parameter NameDescriptionRequired
clusteridsthe IDs of the clusters to start maintenance onfalse
forcedif rolling mechanism should continue in case of an errorfalse
hostidsthe IDs of the hosts to start maintenance onfalse
payloadthe command to execute while hosts are on maintenancefalse
podidsthe IDs of the pods to start maintenance onfalse
timeoutoptional operation timeout (in seconds) that overrides the global timeout settingfalse
zoneidsthe IDs of the zones to start maintenance onfalse

Response Tags

Response NameDescription
detailsin case of failure, details are displayed
successindicates if the rolling maintenance operation was successful
hostsskipped(*)the hosts skipped
hostidthe ID of the skipped host
hostnamethe name of the skipped host
reasonthe reason to skip the host
hostsupdated(*)the hosts updated
enddateend date of the update on the host
hostidthe ID of the updated host
hostnamethe name of the updated host
outputoutput of the maintenance script on the host
startdatestart date of the update on the host