Apache CloudStack Root Admin API Reference


Lists zone metrics

Request parameters

Parameter NameDescriptionRequired
availabletrue if you want to retrieve all available Zones. False if you only want to return the Zones from which you have at least one VM. Default is false.false
domainidthe ID of the domain associated with the zonefalse
idthe ID of the zonefalse
keywordList by keywordfalse
namethe name of the zonefalse
networktypethe network type of the zone that the virtual machine belongs tofalse
showcapacitiesflag to display the capacity of the zonesfalse
tagsList zones by resource tags (key/value pairs)false

Response Tags

Response NameDescription
clustershealthy / total clusters in the zone
cpuallocatedthe total cpu allocated in Ghz
cpuallocateddisablethresholdcpu allocated disable threshold exceeded
cpuallocatedthresholdcpu allocated notification threshold exceeded
cpudisablethresholdcpu usage disable threshold exceeded
cpumaxdeviationthe maximum cpu deviation
cputhresholdcpu usage notification threshold exceeded
cputotalthe total cpu capacity in Ghz
cpuusedthe total cpu used in Ghz
memoryallocatedthe total cpu allocated in GiB
memoryallocateddisablethresholdmemory allocated disable threshold exceeded
memoryallocatedthresholdmemory allocated notification threshold exceeded
memorydisablethresholdmemory usage disable threshold exceeded
memorymaxdeviationthe maximum memory deviation
memorythresholdmemory usage notification threshold exceeded
memorytotalthe total cpu capacity in GiB
memoryusedthe total cpu used in GiB
statestate of the cluster