Apache CloudStack Root Admin API Reference


Lists unmanaged virtual machines for a given cluster.

Request parameters

Parameter NameDescriptionRequired
clusteridthe cluster IDtrue
keywordList by keywordfalse
namethe hypervisor name of the instancefalse

Response Tags

Response NameDescription
clusteridthe ID of the cluster to which virtual machine belongs
cpucorepersocketthe CPU cores per socket for the virtual machine. VMware specific
cpunumberthe CPU cores of the virtual machine
cpuspeedthe CPU speed of the virtual machine
hostidthe ID of the host to which virtual machine belongs
memorythe memory of the virtual machine in MB
namethe name of the virtual machine
osdisplaynamethe operating system of the virtual machine
osidthe operating system ID of the virtual machine
powerstatethe power state of the virtual machine
disk(*)the list of disks associated with the virtual machine
idthe ID of the disk
capacitythe capacity of the disk in bytes
controllerthe controller of the disk
controllerunitthe controller unit of the disk
datastorehostthe controller of the disk
datastorenamethe controller of the disk
datastorepaththe controller of the disk
datastoretypethe controller of the disk
imagepaththe file path of the disk image
labelthe label of the disk
positionthe position of the disk
nic(*)the list of nics associated with the virtual machine
idthe ID of the nic
adaptertypeType of adapter if available
broadcasturithe broadcast uri of the nic
deviceiddevice id for the network when plugged into the virtual machine
extradhcpoptionthe extra dhcp options on the nic
gatewaythe gateway of the nic
ip6addressthe IPv6 address of network
ip6cidrthe cidr of IPv6 network
ip6gatewaythe gateway of IPv6 network
ipaddressthe ip address of the nic
ipaddressesIP addresses associated with NIC found for unmanaged VM
isdefaulttrue if nic is default, false otherwise
isolatedpvlanthe isolated private VLAN if available
isolatedpvlantypethe isolated private VLAN type if available
isolationurithe isolation uri of the nic
macaddresstrue if nic is default, false otherwise
netmaskthe netmask of the nic
networkidthe ID of the corresponding network
networknamethe name of the corresponding network
nsxlogicalswitchId of the NSX Logical Switch (if NSX based), null otherwise
nsxlogicalswitchportId of the NSX Logical Switch Port (if NSX based), null otherwise
secondaryipthe Secondary ipv4 addr of nic
traffictypethe traffic type of the nic
typethe type of the nic
virtualmachineidId of the vm to which the nic belongs
vlanidID of the VLAN/VNI if available