Apache CloudStack Root Admin API Reference


List all public, private, and privileged templates.

Request parameters

Parameter NameDescriptionRequired
templatefilterpossible values are "featured", "self", "selfexecutable","sharedexecutable","executable", and "community". * featured : templates that have been marked as featured and public. * self : templates that have been registered or created by the calling user. * selfexecutable : same as self, but only returns templates that can be used to deploy a new VM. * sharedexecutable : templates ready to be deployed that have been granted to the calling user by another user. * executable : templates that are owned by the calling user, or public templates, that can be used to deploy a VM. * community : templates that have been marked as public but not featured. * all : all templates (only usable by admins).true
accountlist resources by account. Must be used with the domainId parameter.false
detailscomma separated list of template details requested, value can be a list of [ all, min]false
domainidlist only resources belonging to the domain specifiedfalse
hypervisorthe hypervisor for which to restrict the searchfalse
idthe template IDfalse
idsthe IDs of the templates, mutually exclusive with idfalse
isrecursivedefaults to false, but if true, lists all resources from the parent specified by the domainId till leaves.false
keywordList by keywordfalse
listallIf set to false, list only resources belonging to the command's caller; if set to true - list resources that the caller is authorized to see. Default value is falsefalse
namethe template namefalse
parenttemplateidlist datadisk templates by parent template idfalse
projectidlist objects by projectfalse
showremovedshow removed templates as wellfalse
showuniqueIf set to true, list only unique templates across zonesfalse
tagsList resources by tags (key/value pairs)false
zoneidlist templates by zoneIdfalse

Response Tags

Response NameDescription
idthe template ID
accountthe account name to which the template belongs
accountidthe account id to which the template belongs
bitsthe processor bit size
bootabletrue if the ISO is bootable, false otherwise
checksumchecksum of the template
childtemplatesif root disk template, then ids of the datas disk templates this template owns
createdthe date this template was created
crossZonestrue if the template is managed across all Zones, false otherwise
deployasisVMware only: true if template is deployed without orchestrating disks and networks but "as-is" defined in the template.
deployasisdetailsVMware only: additional key/value details tied with deploy-as-is template
detailsadditional key/value details tied with template
directdownloadKVM Only: true if template is directly downloaded to Primary Storage bypassing Secondary Storage
displaytextthe template display text
domainthe name of the domain to which the template belongs
domainidthe ID of the domain to which the template belongs
downloaddetailsLists the download progress of a template across all secondary storages
formatthe format of the template.
hostidthe ID of the secondary storage host for the template
hostnamethe name of the secondary storage host for the template
hypervisorthe hypervisor on which the template runs
isdynamicallyscalabletrue if template contains XS/VMWare tools inorder to support dynamic scaling of VM cpu/memory
isextractabletrue if the template is extractable, false otherwise
isfeaturedtrue if this template is a featured template, false otherwise
ispublictrue if this template is a public template, false otherwise
isreadytrue if the template is ready to be deployed from, false otherwise.
namethe template name
ostypeidthe ID of the OS type for this template.
ostypenamethe name of the OS type for this template.
parenttemplateidif Datadisk template, then id of the root disk template this template belongs to
passwordenabledtrue if the reset password feature is enabled, false otherwise
physicalsizethe physical size of the template
projectthe project name of the template
projectidthe project id of the template
removedthe date this template was removed
requireshvmtrue if template requires HVM enabled, false otherwise
sizethe size of the template
sourcetemplateidthe template ID of the parent template if present
sshkeyenabledtrue if template is sshkey enabled, false otherwise
statusthe status of the template
templatetagthe tag of this template
templatetypethe type of the template
urlthe URL which the template/iso is registered from
zoneidthe ID of the zone for this template
zonenamethe name of the zone for this template
jobidthe ID of the latest async job acting on this object
jobstatusthe current status of the latest async job acting on this object