Apache CloudStack Root Admin API Reference


Lists hosts metrics

Request parameters

Parameter NameDescriptionRequired
clusteridlists hosts existing in particular clusterfalse
detailscomma separated list of host details requested, value can be a list of [ min, all, capacity, events, stats]false
hahostif true, list only hosts dedicated to HAfalse
hypervisorhypervisor type of host: XenServer,KVM,VMware,Hyperv,BareMetal,Simulatorfalse
idthe id of the hostfalse
keywordList by keywordfalse
namethe name of the hostfalse
outofbandmanagementenabledlist hosts for which out-of-band management is enabledfalse
outofbandmanagementpowerstatelist hosts by its out-of-band management interface's power state. Its value can be one of [On, Off, Unknown]false
podidthe Pod ID for the hostfalse
resourcestatelist hosts by resource state. Resource state represents current state determined by admin of host, value can be one of [Enabled, Disabled, Unmanaged, PrepareForMaintenance, ErrorInMaintenance, Maintenance, Error]false
statethe state of the hostfalse
typethe host typefalse
virtualmachineidlists hosts in the same cluster as this VM and flag hosts with enough CPU/RAm to host this VMfalse
zoneidthe Zone ID for the hostfalse

Response Tags

Response NameDescription
cpuallocateddisablethresholdcpu allocated disable threshold exceeded
cpuallocatedghzthe total cpu allocated in Ghz
cpuallocatedthresholdcpu allocated notification threshold exceeded
cpudisablethresholdcpu usage disable threshold exceeded
cpuloadaveragethe average cpu load the last minute
cputhresholdcpu usage notification threshold exceeded
cputotalghzthe total cpu capacity in Ghz
cpuusedghzthe total cpu used in Ghz
instancesinstances on the host
memoryallocateddisablethresholdmemory allocated disable threshold exceeded
memoryallocatedgbthe total memory allocated in GiB
memoryallocatedthresholdmemory allocated notification threshold exceeded
memorydisablethresholdmemory usage disable threshold exceeded
memorythresholdmemory usage notification threshold exceeded
memorytotalgbthe total memory capacity in GiB
memoryusedgbthe total memory used in GiB
networkreadnetwork read in GiB
networkwritenetwork write in GiB
powerstateout-of-band management power state