Apache CloudStack Root Admin API Reference


Lists capabilities

Request parameters

Parameter NameDescriptionRequired

Response Tags

Response NameDescription
allowusercreateprojectstrue if regular user is allowed to create projects
allowuserexpungerecovervmtrue if the user can recover and expunge virtualmachines, false otherwise
allowuserexpungerecovervolumetrue if the user can recover and expunge volumes, false otherwise
allowuserviewalldomainaccountstrue if users can see all accounts within the same domain, false otherwise
allowuserviewdestroyedvmtrue if the user is allowed to view destroyed virtualmachines, false otherwise
apilimitintervaltime interval (in seconds) to reset api count
apilimitmaxMax allowed number of api requests within the specified interval
cloudstackversionversion of the cloud stack
customdiskofferingmaxsizemaximum size that can be specified when create disk from disk offering with custom size
customdiskofferingminsizeminimum size that can be specified when create disk from disk offering with custom size
dynamicrolesenabledtrue if dynamic role-based api checker is enabled, false otherwise
kubernetesclusterexperimentalfeaturesenabledtrue if experimental features for Kubernetes cluster such as Docker private registry are enabled, false otherwise
kubernetesserviceenabledtrue if Kubernetes Service plugin is enabled, false otherwise
kvmsnapshotenabledtrue if snapshot is supported for KVM host, false otherwise
projectinviterequiredIf invitation confirmation is required when add account to project
regionsecondaryenabledtrue if region wide secondary is enabled, false otherwise
securitygroupsenabledtrue if security groups support is enabled, false otherwise
supportELBtrue if region supports elastic load balancer on basic zones
userpublictemplateenabledtrue if user and domain admins can set templates to be shared, false otherwise