Apache CloudStack Root Admin API Reference


Find user account by API key

Request parameters

Parameter NameDescriptionRequired
userapikeyAPI key of the usertrue

Response Tags

Response NameDescription
idthe user ID
accountthe account name of the user
accountidthe account ID of the user
accounttypethe account type of the user
apikeythe api key of the user
createdthe date and time the user account was created
domainthe domain name of the user
domainidthe domain ID of the user
emailthe user email address
firstnamethe user firstname
iscallerchilddomainthe boolean value representing if the updating target is in caller's child domain
isdefaulttrue if user is default, false otherwise
lastnamethe user lastname
roleidthe ID of the role
rolenamethe name of the role
roletypethe type of the role
secretkeythe secret key of the user
statethe user state
timezonethe timezone user was created in
usernamethe user name
usersourcethe source type of the user in lowercase, such as native, ldap, saml2