Apache CloudStack Root Admin API Reference


upload an existing template into the CloudStack cloud.

Request parameters

Parameter NameDescriptionRequired
displaytextthe display text of the template. This is usually used for display purposes.true
formatthe format for the volume/template. Possible values include QCOW2, OVA, and VHD.true
hypervisorthe target hypervisor for the templatetrue
namethe name of the volume/templatetrue
zoneidthe ID of the zone the volume/template is to be hosted ontrue
accountan optional accountName. Must be used with domainId.false
bits32 or 64 bits support. 64 by defaultfalse
checksumthe checksum value of this volume/template The parameter containing the checksum will be considered a MD5sum if it is not prefixed and just a plain ascii/utf8 representation of a hexadecimal string. If it is required to use another algorithm the hexadecimal string is to be prefixed with a string of the form, "{<algorithm>}", not including the double quotes. In this <algorithm> is the exact string representing the java supported algorithm, i.e. MD5 or SHA-256. Note that java does not contain an algorithm called SHA256 or one called sha-256, only SHA-256.false
detailsTemplate details in key/value pairs.false
domainidan optional domainId. If the account parameter is used, domainId must also be used.false
isdynamicallyscalabletrue if template contains XS/VMWare tools inorder to support dynamic scaling of VM cpu/memoryfalse
isextractabletrue if the template or its derivatives are extractable; default is falsefalse
isfeaturedtrue if this template is a featured template, false otherwisefalse
ispublictrue if the template is available to all accounts; default is truefalse
isroutingtrue if the template type is routing i.e., if template is used to deploy routerfalse
ostypeidthe ID of the OS Type that best represents the OS of this template. Not required for VMware as the guest OS is obtained from the OVF file.false
passwordenabledtrue if the template supports the password reset feature; default is falsefalse
projectidUpload volume/template for the projectfalse
requireshvmtrue if this template requires HVMfalse
sshkeyenabledtrue if the template supports the sshkey upload feature; default is falsefalse
templatetagthe tag for this template.false

Response Tags

Response NameDescription
idthe template/volume ID
expiresthe timestamp after which the signature expires
metadataencrypted data to be sent in the POST request.
postURLPOST url to upload the file to
signaturesignature to be sent in the POST request.