Apache CloudStack Root Admin API Reference


Archives (moves) a snapshot on primary storage to secondary storage

Request parameters

Parameter NameDescriptionRequired
idThe ID of the snapshottrue

Response Tags

Response NameDescription
idID of the snapshot
accountthe account associated with the snapshot
created the date the snapshot was created
domainthe domain name of the snapshot's account
domainidthe domain ID of the snapshot's account
intervaltypevalid types are hourly, daily, weekly, monthy, template, and none.
locationtypevalid location types are primary and secondary.
namename of the snapshot
osdisplaynamedisplay name of the os on volume
ostypeidid of the os on volume
physicalsizephysical size of backedup snapshot on image store
projectthe project name of the snapshot
projectidthe project id of the snapshot
revertableindicates whether the underlying storage supports reverting the volume to this snapshot
snapshottypethe type of the snapshot
statethe state of the snapshot. BackedUp means that snapshot is ready to be used; Creating - the snapshot is being allocated on the primary storage; BackingUp - the snapshot is being backed up on secondary storage
virtualsizevirtual size of backedup snapshot on image store
volumeidID of the disk volume
volumenamename of the disk volume
volumetypetype of the disk volume
zoneidid of the availability zone
jobidthe ID of the latest async job acting on this object
jobstatusthe current status of the latest async job acting on this object