Apache CloudStack Root Admin API Reference


Adds S3 Image Store

Request parameters

Parameter NameDescriptionRequired
accesskeyS3 access keytrue
bucketName of the storage buckettrue
endpointS3 endpointtrue
secretkeyS3 secret keytrue
connectiontimeoutConnection timeout (milliseconds)false
connectionttlConnection TTL (milliseconds)false
maxerrorretryMaximum number of times to retry on errorfalse
s3signerSigner Algorithm to use, either S3SignerType or AWSS3V4SignerTypefalse
sockettimeoutSocket timeout (milliseconds)false
usehttpsUse HTTPS instead of HTTPfalse
usetcpkeepaliveWhether TCP keep-alive is usedfalse

Response Tags

Response NameDescription
idthe ID of the image store
disksizetotalthe total disk size of the host
disksizeusedthe host's currently used disk size
namethe name of the image store
protocolthe protocol of the image store
providernamethe provider name of the image store
readonlydefines if store is read-only
scopethe scope of the image store
urlthe url of the image store
zoneidthe Zone ID of the image store
zonenamethe Zone name of the image store