Apache CloudStack v4.1.0 User API Reference


Lists zones

Request parameters

Parameter NameDescriptionRequired
availabletrue if you want to retrieve all available Zones. False if you only want to return the Zones from which you have at least one VM. Default is false.false
domainidthe ID of the domain associated with the zonefalse
idthe ID of the zonefalse
keywordList by keywordfalse
namethe name of the zonefalse
showcapacitiesflag to display the capacity of the zonesfalse

Response Tags

Response NameDescription
idZone id
allocationstatethe allocation state of the cluster
descriptionZone description
dhcpproviderthe dhcp Provider for the Zone
displaytextthe display text of the zone
dns1the first DNS for the Zone
dns2the second DNS for the Zone
domainNetwork domain name for the networks in the zone
domainidthe UUID of the containing domain, null for public zones
domainnamethe name of the containing domain, null for public zones
guestcidraddressthe guest CIDR address for the Zone
internaldns1the first internal DNS for the Zone
internaldns2the second internal DNS for the Zone
ip6dns1the first IPv6 DNS for the Zone
ip6dns2the second IPv6 DNS for the Zone
localstorageenabledtrue if local storage offering enabled, false otherwise
nameZone name
networktypethe network type of the zone; can be Basic or Advanced
securitygroupsenabledtrue if security groups support is enabled, false otherwise
vlanthe vlan range of the zone
zonetokenZone Token
capacity(*)the capacity of the Zone
capacitytotalthe total capacity available
capacityusedthe capacity currently in use
clusteridthe Cluster ID
clusternamethe Cluster name
percentusedthe percentage of capacity currently in use
podidthe Pod ID
podnamethe Pod name
typethe capacity type
zoneidthe Zone ID
zonenamethe Zone name