Apache CloudStack v4.1.0 Root Admin API Reference


Adds S3

Request parameters

Parameter NameDescriptionRequired
accesskeyS3 access keytrue
bucketname of the template storage buckettrue
secretkeyS3 secret keytrue
connectiontimeoutconnection timeout (milliseconds)false
endpointS3 host namefalse
maxerrorretrymaximum number of times to retry on errorfalse
sockettimeoutsocket timeout (milliseconds)false
usehttpsconnect to the S3 endpoint via HTTPS?false

Response Tags

Response NameDescription
idThe ID of the S3 configuration
accesskeyThe S3 access key
bucketThe name of the template storage bucket
connectiontimeoutThe connection timeout (milliseconds)
endpointThe S3 end point
maxerrorretryThe maximum number of time to retry a connection on error.
secretkeyThe S3 secret key
sockettimeoutThe connection socket (milliseconds)
usehttpsConnect to S3 using HTTPS?