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Chapter 3. Building from Source

3.1. Getting the release
3.2. Verifying the downloaded release
3.2.1. Getting the KEYS
3.2.2. GPG
3.2.3. MD5
3.2.4. SHA512
3.3. Prerequisites for building Apache CloudStack
3.4. Extracting source
3.5. Building DEB packages
3.5.1. Setting up an APT repo
3.5.2. Configuring your machines to use the APT repository
3.6. Building RPMs
3.6.1. Creating a yum repo
3.6.2. Configuring your systems to use your new yum repository
The official CloudStack release is always in source code form. While there may exist convenience binaries in various forms from a number of places, the source is the canonical release will be source. In this document we'll cover acquiring the source release, building that into binary, deployable packages.
While building and deploying directly from source is certainly possible, the reality of Infrastructure-as-a-Service cloud computing implies a need to deploy packages on a potentially large number of systems, which RPMs and DEBs fill nicely.
Building and deploying directly from source is thus outside the scope of this document, but is documented in the file in the release.