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Chapter 6. Steps to Provisioning Your Cloud Infrastructure

6.1. Overview of Provisioning Steps
6.2. Adding a Zone
6.2.1. Basic Zone Configuration
6.2.2. Advanced Zone Configuration
6.3. Adding a Pod
6.4. Adding a Cluster
6.4.1. Add Cluster: KVM or XenServer
6.4.2. Add Cluster: vSphere
6.5. Adding a Host
6.5.1. Adding a Host (XenServer or KVM)
6.5.2. Adding a Host (vSphere)
6.6. Add Primary Storage
6.6.1. System Requirements for Primary Storage
6.6.2. Adding Primary Stroage
6.7. Add Secondary Storage
6.7.1. System Requirements for Secondary Storage
6.7.2. Adding Secondary Storage
6.8. Initialize and Test
This section tells how to add zones, pods, clusters, hosts, storage, and networks to your cloud. If you are unfamiliar with these entities, please begin by looking through Chapter 2, Cloud Infrastructure Concepts.