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6.1. Overview of Provisioning Steps

After the Management Server is installed and running, you can add the compute resources for it to manage. For an overview of how a CloudStack cloud infrastructure is organized, see Section 1.3.2, “Cloud Infrastructure Overview”.
To provision the cloud infrastructure, or to scale it up at any time, follow these procedures:
  1. Change the root password. See Section 5.1.4, “Changing the Root Password”.
  2. Add more pods (optional). See Section 6.3, “Adding a Pod”.
  3. Add more clusters (optional). See Section 6.4, “Adding a Cluster”.
  4. Add more hosts (optional). See Section 6.5, “Adding a Host”.
  5. Add primary storage. See Section 6.6, “Add Primary Storage”.
  6. Add secondary storage. See Section 6.7, “Add Secondary Storage”.
  7. Initialize and test the new cloud. See Section 6.8, “Initialize and Test”.
When you have finished these steps, you will have a deployment with the following basic structure:
provisioning-overview.png: Conceptual overview of a basic deployment