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6.3. Adding a Pod

When you created a new zone, CloudStack adds the first pod for you. You can add more pods at any time using the procedure in this section.
  1. Log in to the CloudStack UI. See Section 5.1, “Log In to the UI”.
  2. In the left navigation, choose Infrastructure. In Zones, click View More, then click the zone to which you want to add a pod.
  3. Click the Compute and Storage tab. In the Pods node of the diagram, click View All.
  4. Click Add Pod.
  5. Enter the following details in the dialog.
    • Name. The name of the pod.
    • Gateway. The gateway for the hosts in that pod.
    • Netmask. The network prefix that defines the pod's subnet. Use CIDR notation.
    • Start/End Reserved System IP. The IP range in the management network that CloudStack uses to manage various system VMs, such as Secondary Storage VMs, Console Proxy VMs, and DHCP. For more information, see System Reserved IP Addresses.
  6. Click OK.