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11.18. About Inter-VLAN Routing

Inter-VLAN Routing is the capability to route network traffic between VLANs. This feature enables you to build Virtual Private Clouds (VPC), an isolated segment of your cloud, that can hold multi-tier applications. These tiers are deployed on different VLANs that can communicate with each other. You provision VLANs to the tiers your create, and VMs can be deployed on different tiers. The VLANs are connected to a virtual router, which facilitates communication between the VMs. In effect, you can segment VMs by means of VLANs into different networks that can host multi-tier applications, such as Web, Application, or Database. Such segmentation by means of VLANs logically separate application VMs for higher security and lower broadcasts, while remaining physically connected to the same device.
This feature is supported on XenServer and VMware hypervisors.
The major advantages are:
The following figure shows the possible deployment scenarios of a Inter-VLAN setup:
mutltier.png: a multi-tier setup.
To set up a multi-tier Inter-VLAN deployment, see Section 11.19, “Configuring a Virtual Private Cloud”.