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Chapter 4. Installation

4.1. Who Should Read This
4.2. Overview of Installation Steps
4.3. Minimum System Requirements
4.3.1. Management Server, Database, and Storage System Requirements
4.3.2. Host/Hypervisor System Requirements
4.4. Configure package repository
4.4.1. DEB package repository
4.4.2. RPM package repository
4.5. Management Server Installation
4.5.1. Management Server Installation Overview
4.5.2. Prepare the Operating System
4.5.3. Install the Management Server on the First Host
4.5.4. Install the database server
4.5.5. Prepare NFS Shares
4.5.6. Prepare and Start Additional Management Servers
4.5.7. Prepare the System VM Template
4.5.8. Installation Complete! Next Steps