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4.2. Overview of Installation Steps

For anything more than a simple trial installation, you will need guidance for a variety of configuration choices. It is strongly recommended that you read the following:
  1. Make sure you have the required hardware ready. See Section 4.3, “Minimum System Requirements”
  2. Install the Management Server (choose single-node or multi-node). See Section 4.5, “Management Server Installation”
  3. Log in to the UI. See Chapter 5, User Interface
  4. Add a zone. Includes the first pod, cluster, and host. See Section 6.2, “Adding a Zone”
  5. Add more pods (optional). See Section 6.3, “Adding a Pod”
  6. Add more clusters (optional). See Section 6.4, “Adding a Cluster”
  7. Add more hosts (optional). See Section 6.5, “Adding a Host”
  8. Add more primary storage (optional). See Section 6.6, “Add Primary Storage”
  9. Add more secondary storage (optional). See Section 6.7, “Add Secondary Storage”
  10. Try using the cloud. See Section 6.8, “Initialize and Test”