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Chapter 8. Hypervisor Installation

8.1. KVM Hypervisor Host Installation
8.1.1. System Requirements for KVM Hypervisor Hosts
8.1.2. KVM Installation Overview
8.1.3. Prepare the Operating System
8.1.4. Install and configure the Agent
8.1.5. Install and Configure libvirt
8.1.6. Configure the Security Policies
8.1.7. Configure the network bridges
8.1.8. Configuring the firewall
8.1.9. Add the host to CloudStack
8.2. Citrix XenServer Installation for CloudStack
8.2.1. System Requirements for XenServer Hosts
8.2.2. XenServer Installation Steps
8.2.3. Configure XenServer dom0 Memory
8.2.4. Username and Password
8.2.5. Time Synchronization
8.2.6. Licensing
8.2.7. Install CloudStack XenServer Support Package (CSP)
8.2.8. Primary Storage Setup for XenServer
8.2.9. iSCSI Multipath Setup for XenServer (Optional)
8.2.10. Physical Networking Setup for XenServer
8.2.11. Upgrading XenServer Versions
8.3. VMware vSphere Installation and Configuration
8.3.1. System Requirements for vSphere Hosts
8.3.2. Preparation Checklist for VMware
8.3.3. vSphere Installation Steps
8.3.4. ESXi Host setup
8.3.5. Physical Host Networking
8.3.6. Storage Preparation for vSphere (iSCSI only)
8.3.7. Add Hosts or Configure Clusters (vSphere)